Tiger Strike: The Chase for the Rehab Money Shot

I'm back. After an extended post-Christmas break, ZealousGolfer.com is back on a roll once again.

It looks like I will be starting the new year with an interesting golf adventure. This morning, I caught a story that the first picture of Tiger Woods in a Hattiesburg, Mississippi sex rehab clinic would be worth up to $500,000! Oh yes.

The rumor (which some sources are reporting as confirmed) is that Tiger has checked into the Pine Grove mental health facility.

After sharing this information with several of my close friends in New Orleans, they decided to make the hour and a half trek to Hattiesburg with the hope of catching the money shot.

Tonight, I will chronicle their journey to Mississippi and back. Xiao, Kevin, Ross, Matt, and Rosanne will be sending me updates and pictures throughout the evening. I will make sure to keep posting.

9:53: "We have set sail. We're first gonna go pick up some supplies for the trip" - Xiao.

10:25 PM: "Singing Queen in the van. Woohoo." - Xiao.

Things aren't looking good. We'll see how this goes. At least the group is pretty optimistic as they begin their journey across state lines.

10:50 PM: The group has crossed over into the state of Mississippi. Kevin explains the photo (on the right): "We decided to have a Freebird concert when we entered the state."

I am following the story online, and the rumor is that the rehab clinic is fortified due to immense media presence. Things are not looking good for the group in their search for gossip magazine gold.

From my understanding, there is really no plan whatsoever how the group intends to capture a shot of Tiger. Things are going to get interesting very, very quickly.

11:42 PM: The group has arrived in Hattiesburg, MS. They made a pit stop at a gas station before finishing up the first leg of their journey.

With only a few miles left, they now must overcome obstacles like strictly enforced barriers around the hospital and a crowd of professional paparazzi.

The first picture of the crew in Hattiesburg is on the left. As you can see, Matt B. (jumping from joy on the right side of the gas pumps) is ready for action.

Hopefully the next one they send me will be the elusive Tiger Woods money shot. We'll see about that.

The next update will cover the atmosphere around the hospital.

12:40 PM: "We're in Brooklyn. Does that mean we took the wrong direction to NOLA?" - Xiao

Sounds a lot like defeat. I can't say this was unexpected, but I am disappointed that the stake out was so short.

Fortunately, Xiao says they saw the hospital and got some pictures of Tiger's new home...without Tiger of course. I will post those on ZealousGolfer.com tomorrow when their digital camera makes its way back to town.

It looks like a potential $500,000 reward is still out there for any aspiring low lives/paparazzi. Best of luck to all of those who choose to pursue it. Feel free to throw the picture this way...


The team returned at 5 AM this morning. I just had a brief conversation with one of the photographers. The scene he described at the hospital was far different than the account given by several media sources thus far.

According to Kevin, there were no barricades or obstacles outside of the Pine Grove facility. Anyone who wanted to peek in could easily do so, apparently. On top of that, the squad managed to walk right into the lobby through the front door. No questions asked.

Alas, a security guard eventually realized they had no business being there, and the team left the building.

On the bright side, Kevin took several shots of the scene, and they should appear on this website shortly.

If this story says anything, perhaps it is that a) it is very easy to invade other people's privacy and b) it looks likely that someone will capture the Tiger Woods money shot in the near future.

While the group was unable to nab gossip magazine riches, they did make it to the beach around Biloxi, Mississippi and seemed to have enjoyed their time.


In other news, I plan to change the design of ZealousGolfer.com over the next few days. As you can see, the site is falling apart in a couple places. Rather than doing some repairs, I'd prefer to have a change of scenery. Get ready for (another) new look.

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