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As we have witnessed during the Open Championship each summer, Scotland has provided the world with some of the finest courses and resorts available to golfers.

One of interest to me is Turnberry, located on Scotland's scenic coast. The Ailsa course, which traditionally hosts the resort's professional golf tournaments, is highly memorable for virtually every golf fan. From the 1977 "duel in the sun" between Jack Nicklaus and Tom Watson for the Claret Jug to Tom Watson's near victory last year, Turnberry holds a special place in golf history.

Let's take a look at what a stay at Turnberry offers golfers of all levels.


Of course, the Ailsa course is the crown jewel of the resort. Despite the history of St. Andrews, this course has been consistently ranked as the top layout in the United Kingdom.
Aside from the opportunity to imitate golf's greatest champions, the course is also unique because the holes border Scotland's shoreline. Oftentimes, this brings wind into play to give golfers the ideal British links experience (not to mention the scenic vistas afforded by the design).

Alternatively, golfer
s may also stay on site by playing the Kintyre Course. From looks at the sea to the famous Turnberry lighthouse, tourists and locals alike enjoy the setting of the course. Although Turnberry's history stretches back to WWII when the location was flattened and used for the Royal Air Force, the Kintyre course opened in 2001.

Moreover, like every elite golf resort, a world class golf institute rests on the property. Interestingly enough, Turnberry allows guests to enhance their games at the Colin Montgomerie Golf Academy. The academy provides an array of learning opportunities from live feedback from a teaching professional to swing analysis using state of the art technology.

Clearly, Turnberry's golf options establish the resort as one of the world's premier venues for the sport.

Obviously, it is a tough job to match the quality of Turnberry's golf courses in the resort category. However, there is a reason Scotland Golf refers to Turnberry as the "Pebble Beach of the British Isles."

The fortunate circumstance of owning several world famous golf facilities is no reason to skimp on providing the best resort experience.

The Westin Turnberry resort is certainly the place to stay. If you want to indulge in the Turnberry experience (left picture: a view from the Westin Turnberry), your hotel room will provide an unparalleled look at the golf courses. If you prefer to stay with a larger group, the Lodges at Turnberry offer guests apartments with numerous amenities.


If you are planning to golf in Scotland, a visit to the Turnberry resort is absolutely necessary. The resort's courses are a crucial part of the complete links experience.

From the historic, elegant housing options available at the resort to 36 holes of traditional links golf, Turnberry is a site that you cannot afford to miss on your trip to the UK.

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