Experts Point to Tiger's Body Language

CBS ran an interesting story today with an expert weighing in on Tiger Woods' sincerity during his press conference yesterday morning. Check it out here.

The verdict: FBI Body Language Expert Joe Navarro explains, "I think he came across as genuine. I think what detracted from him was he practiced this speech too long."

Navarro also notes that Tiger entered the room unusually and clutched heavily on the lectern. These non-verbal cues, marks of one lacking confidence, sharply contrast the Tiger we usually see on TV. As signs of emotional distress, it is clear that Tiger is troubled.

Nevertheless, the stiff appearance of Woods didn't hit home with some members of the audience, and Navarro believes that this was the result of over-practicing his speech.

My turn: Navarro's analysis is hardly surprising. Come on. Tiger is obviously troubled. If your face was on every tabloid magazine and you were living in a sex rehab clinic (while losing tens of millions of dollars in the process), wouldn't you be?

The bigger question, to me at least, is whether Tiger is sorry for what he did or that the public found out. I honestly believe Tiger wants to change his ways and shape up. Then again, his career is riding on it.

His speech didn't do enough to sway me on that issue. He refused to answer questions. He kept the media out. He stayed far away from any semblance of detail.

Tiger wants us to forgive and forget, but in his first press conference on the issue, I don't think he managed to humanize himself to his fans and enemies again.

For the sake of golf and his family, I hope Tiger is making genuine steps to improve as a person.

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