Will Tiger return for the Masters?

Tiger made headlines this week...again...after Jack Nicklaus (pictured left) told the media at the Honda Classic that he thought Woods would play at the 2010 Masters (in about a month).

Nicklaus said, "Your guess is as good as mine. I'd be very surprised if he doesn't play something before Augusta." He also said that he would be surprised if Tiger did not make his way to Augusta this year.

The question still looms: when and where will Tiger make his first strike?

In his statement to the public several weeks ago, Tiger did not provide any time table for his return. That's not all that surprising. We have always known that Tiger is one for surprises...

However, adding validity to the Golden Bear's theory is the recent discovery that Tiger is out of sex rehabilitation and returning to his practice schedule. An anonymous source is telling the AP that Tiger is back on the driving range near his home in Isleworth.

For an otherwise boring season of the PGA Tour, this creates a pretty fascinating storyline - one that perhaps could draw in record audiences during the Masters.

Alas, we are still relying solely on speculation.

The ZealousGolfer.com guess: he will make an appearance. Tiger's not going to win the public over with words. The only way for him to turn the tide is to start winning again and keep his nose clean. As we've seen with other scandalous athletes, that seems to be the only way to make the public, sponsors, and fellow athletes forget (Kobe Bryant comes to mind).

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