Woods hires Bush's Press Secretary to plot return at Bay Hill

Yep. If I didn't say it before, Tiger will undoubtedly be back in action even before the Masters this April. The Golf Channel is reporting that the Woods entourage has added a brand new member: Ari Fleischer - otherwise known as the Press Secretary to George W. Bush from 2001-2003.

The objective: mastermind the return of Tiger at the Arnold Palmer Invitational. Fleischer is in charge of handling the re-entry strategy as well as damage control when Tiger hits the TOUR again.

Fleischer left the Bush Administration and started his own consultant firm for troubled athletes. His clients include the poster-boy for baseball's steroid era, Mark McGwire.

One must admit that Tiger isn't messing around with this. He sent Mark Steinberg, his agent from IMG, to scout around Bay Hill earlier this week. Not surprisingly, it looks like Tiger's return to golf will be a highly planned and coordinated affair.

I am still wondering how the hometown crowd in Orlando will handle Tiger's presence.

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