The Masters: The Fallout from Augusta

I skipped out on re-posting the results from yesterday's finish to the 2010 Masters. I'm sure you have seen them by now.

Far more importantly, I wanted to address a few of the significant consequences of what happened at this year's Masters:

1) Phil Mickelson is back. That might not be the right way to say it. I don't think I have ever seen Phil play like he did yesterday. He was composed. He was consistent. Best of yet, he was nothing short of *dominant*. The Lefty who told the press that he was an "idiot" following a U.S. Open blowup seems to have left the golfing world. That said, he is always strong at Augusta. The Masters is his tournament. This momentum could lift Mickelson into the final round at the 2010 U.S. Open at Pebble Beach. He's got it again.

2) Tiger Woods is the man again - at least in the golfing sense. This could have gone horribly wrong. Fans could have hated him. He could have lost his touch. He could be missing his signature fire. Nope. He's back on top, I suppose. A great performance at Augusta almost absolved his sins in the eyes of the public. At least from the golf fans I spoke with, people are jumping back on the Tiger Woods bandwagon. It looks like he was the only one disappointed with his performance.

3) Tom Watson is an iron man. An unexpected run on a short British Open course is one thing, but Watson's performance demonstrated that he could still play with anyone. He'll get another shot this year too. The folks at the USGA have offered Watson a special exemption to play at Pebble Beach in June. Watson has already accepted.

4) Anthony Kim is coming into his own. He has always been one of the PGA Tour's hottest young players, but he is now contending late in major championships. That comes from experience, and he certainly had one at this year's tournament. Kim should have his first major championship in no time. The PGA Championship this year, perhaps?

All together, this Masters tournament will stick out. The revival of Phil Mickelson and the return of Tiger Woods in one weekend is an unparalleled sports moment.

What do you think?

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