ABC Uncovers the Source of Earl's Voice in Tiger Ad

As I covered a couple of days ago, Nike hit the web and the airwaves with the first new advertisement featuring Tiger Woods since his Thanksgiving 2009 incident.

The fallout has been enormous. Hundreds of thousands have viewed the ad on YouTube. It has played multiple times during ESPN's coverage of the Masters. Some see it as a first step toward catharsis and recovery with the public. Others think it is a bit too spooky.

However, many viewers asked the question: where did Earl's voice come from? Tiger's father died in 2006 after a battle with cancer, yet his comments are the only audio in the new advertisement.

ABC News found the answer. Check out the full story here.

Here are the basics. Most of the clip was taken from a 2004 documentary about the life of Tiger Woods.

However, Earl was actually discussing the differences between his parenting style and that of Tiger's mother Kutilda. The introduction, "Tiger," was spliced in.

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