TIFOSI Optics Pave T-G460

As an avid golfer, especially during the summer, I often encounter sunny conditions leading to long rounds and lost balls. Tifosi Optics, a relatively new company recently entering the golf eye wear market, hooked me up with a stylish and functional pair of glasses. The model I tried out, the Pave T-G460 not only is a light pair of glasses which helps to keep sun out of your round, but features a "Golf-Tennis Lens" which is designed to help the wearer pick up the ball's flight in motion. I generally have stayed away from glasses during rounds in the past because I found the some models tend to distort distances and make it difficult, at least more difficult, to read putts. I was surprised to find that the Pave actually helped me to pick out some subtle breaks on the putting surface. Another impressive feature is the nose piece which fit me perfectly so these glasses did not slide off at all while I was playing. In addition to the noticeable features, these glasses have 100 percent UVA/UVB protection which will definitely benefit the avid golfer in protecting their eyes. The glasses also came with soft and hard cases as well as three different sets of colored lenses. As a wearer of contact lenses, these glasses have full eye protection meaning the lenses cover your eyes fully, which is great feature when sand and dirt fly after a shot. The Paves and most of Tifosi's models retail at $59.95. Go to http://www.tifosioptics.com/ to get more information on the Tifosi models and find retailers online and in your area.

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